Save money! Save time!

A few ideas before  calling a plumber. We all are looking for ways to save money. But the first thing we do when the water in our faucet is running slow or the water is not draining, is to call a plumber. Try a few steps first. 1) when the water in a sink is running slow try unscrewing the faucet filter and cleaning it out, eventually small particles build up and clogs the filter. Most hardware stores sells them for a few dollars.

2) many times a backed up toilet is caused by kids putting to much toilet paper, flushing paper towels or napkins down the toilet,and to be fair adults too. Keep a plunger handy. You would be surprise how many dont have a plunger or basic tool kit.

3) for those cloged sinks and bathtubs, draino it work wonder on hair and soap scum build-up. Remember to keep the draino in a safe place away from kids. With these few suggestions you can save not only time, hundreds of $$$ from calling a service for a 10 -15 minute job. For times when the basic does not work you can alway depend on your local Handyman. Anywhere! Anytime NYC.


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