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TV Mounting Services NYC | Flat Screen TV InstallationDid you just buy that terrific flat screen TV you’ve been eyeing for awhile? Congratulations! But we know you’d like a little help getting it mounted. After picking out “your baby” – you want to be sure it is set up just right. With All Work Repairs professional TV mounting services, you and your family will be sitting on the couch, enjoying that latest blockbuster movie before you know it!

You can feel confident that All Work Repairs will hand or install your home theatre system perfectly. TV technology as you know has gone way beyond the days of “rabbit ears” and a little tin foil on top of them! You’ve invested in a top notch system and simply taking it out of the box and plugging it in isn’t enough anymore. Hiring a professional installer is now part of your new TV purchase process, and you’ll want All Work Repairs to be part of your team.

We can install for you:

  • Home Theater Systems

  • Mounted TVs

  • Hanging TVs

  • Sound Systems

  • Ceiling TV Installation (for a projector)

  • Mounted TV’s

We’ve worked with flat screen TVs, 3D TV, LED, LCD and Smart TV. So we’re ready to set up your TV when you’re ready to make that call to us!

All Work Repairs works in the NYC boroughs – including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn.

TV Mounting Service New York

Thinking about Flat Screen TV Installation in NYC? It’s a great idea, you will gain a little space and it will be so much cleaner looking. If you are planning to do it yourself there’s a couple of questions you must ask yourself. Like the location of the tv, what type a wall you have, drywall, concrete, plaster or other, are you mounting your tv on a wall that has plumbing or electrical in it? Beware! You will need to consider the weight of the tv if it’s a too heavy or large screen you may want additional support like a board you would fix to the wall and install the bracket on the board. the size of the tv that you have or planning to purchase and what type of bracket you are planning to use while doing your flat screen TV installation or mounting. There are several types of brackets to hang a tv with, you have the flush mount. It’s flush against the wall with a little vertical movement, then you have the tilted mount that you can adjust the tilt to. If that does not work for you, you have full motion or simi motion mounts, with the arm that can expand up to about 25″ with 180° turn. sound easy enough?

Well! You have a couple of options. You have the store you purchase the tv from or you can request your cable service provider both are expensive and will only do TV mounting Service NYC and installation on drywall, and they will not hide the wires for you. It can be confusing and at times and overwhelming with the hardware and what’s involved. What other options do you have?

Hiring a handyman services NYC, why? We are knowledgeable in all areas of service and are able to do flat screen tv installation NYC on just about any wall including concrete walls, we can handle all your installation and furniture assembly services. wire management, inside or outside of the wall even hides the cable box using the IR unit.

Why Choose Handyman Flat Screen TV Installation New York City

ALL WORK REPAIR – EGON WONG HANDYMAN SERVICE Is insured and a full-service company with TV mounting service, TV installing NYC including a flat-screen or curved TV on the wall is part of what we do with a whole lot of other services. Including all home and business repairs, painting, floor installation, bathroom/ kitchen renovation, and installation, picture hanging, door repairs, and replacement, tile repairs, re-grouting, and caulking, childproofing, weatherproofing, minor electrical, and plumbing, lock repair or replacement. We have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and know the in and out’s of NYC apartments for faster service. Keep in mind that some buildings require a COI (certificate of insurance) and will take about 24 hrs for approval.

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